Love in our days...

Life means to be alive for us all, but how can we feel being
alive when the reason for our existing LOVE, is a never spoken mystery.
And we are runing after it, and trying to catch it, like it will come
along the street, maybe around the next corner, like something strange
will happen to us. How worthfull is being alive, without LOVE?

In a world where evrything is in fast changings and fast losings, we
can talk freely about sex and joys, fast changing our MSN adresses,
our phone numbers and email adresses, sharing some photos and some songs...
but thinking about what deeply love means to each other make us quiet and wordless.
Fearing to give more than what we get, what can we lose if we do not have anything before?
We managed to visit the moon, but we maybe have never put a footstep inside
each other hearts.

What is characteristic for us mankind, is that we manage the difficulties
the hard ones, the easy ones we do not recognize we do not give attention to them.
Searching for a LOVABLE partner in the net, without feeling 'real feelings'
just booking some feelings for a time while, for some minumutes, some hours,
days, maybee weeks, and not often months...and some webcam talkings with
allways expecting a more beautifull one, a more handsome one, a more
educated one, somone with more money or a better job as the other...
some one from the same country as we are, some one who speek the same

What can some spoken words explain what the heartlanguage coudn't?
Being realistic, behaving realistic as we all teached means:
wasting life... wasting time... loosing love.

Nuray Cetin/ April 2008

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